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About Us

Empowered Path provides highly specialized virtual services for individuals over 18 suffering from Anxiety and OCD utilizing solely research-informed and the gold-standard methods for these disorders.

At this time, I currently only provide services to individuals residing in Illinois.

Our Story 

Empowered Path was created and born out of a pattern I had observed; there was not enough places specializing in care specifically tailored to the treatment of Anxiety and OCD related disorders.

 I often found myself meeting with individuals who had gone to therapist after therapist to tackle their OCD and anxiety symptoms only to find nothing was changing and sometimes it was getting worse. These individuals were often being seen by therapists utilizing talk therapy and not focusing treatment on behavior change or education regarding anxiety's impact on the brain.

A past client who had success quickly for panic disorder stated during our time together: "I talked and talked and yet I was still stuck in my house feeling trapped after 3 years of therapy. I wish I had known about exposure therapy and about the way my brain has been trained to fear anxiety and panic, the years I spent trapped in my house and the memories I did not create due to fear weigh heavy on me, especially knowing there was help out there for this."


Most importantly: When creating Empowered Path, I took into account my own personal values to guide this journey which includes accessibility, competence, trust, quality, and flexibility. After exploring how to bring these values to fruition, I decided to open Empowered Path virtually and with confidence that I can provide highly specialized and quality care for anxiety and OCD. 


Thank you for reading, I am hopeful you will contact me to inquire about tackling your OCD and anxiety. A big part of what I do is educate and therefore, I am an open book for all the questions you may have about what treatment might look like for you. 

- Sam Acevedo, LCSW (Owner/Founder)

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You can do hard things!

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